Mar 24, 2016
Computer Aide has launched a new web site.

Jun 22, 2016
Computer Aide is developing a sports portal for the delivery of dynamic content for athletics.

Aug 30, 2016
Computer Aide, Inc. working on a partnership to broaden the impact of their Sports Portal business.

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Computer Aide, Inc.
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Consulting Since: 1983

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Computer Aide, Inc. is a computer consulting firm with 30+ years' experience dedicated to providing quality consulting to corporations large and small. Because of the diverse experience; the company is able to provide innovative solutions to today's technological challenges.


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The 21st century has caused a flood of technology and tools that can effectively transform a business and make it more competitive. Are you taking advantage of the current technology?

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Does your business need special software or utilities? Are all of your business needs being met today?

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Do you have PC's, Laptops, Printers and Servers that need maintenance or an overhaul? Is your critical data secure, backed-up, and protected against loss?

IN what direction does your business need TO move?

Many companies have an IT Infrastructure that was established years ago. Through the years, they have added and retired technology in response to the change in demand and use. Often, this results in a hodgepodge of hardware, software and processes.

The question is: Are you really utilizing technology in the most beneficial way?

Computer Aide can help!

We have experience in:

• System Infrastructure Analysis and Implementation
• Business Process Automation
• Project Management & Evaluation
• Software and API Development
• Data Services and Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Processing
• Networking Administration/Planning
• Internet Services and Administration
• Web Site Hosting and Development