Mar 24, 2016
Computer Aide has launched a new web site.

Jun 22, 2016
Computer Aide is developing a sports portal for the delivery of dynamic content for athletics.

Aug 30, 2016
Computer Aide, Inc. working on a partnership to broaden the impact of their Sports Portal business.

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Computer Aide, Inc. has been in the computer consulting business for over 30 years performing a wide variety of services for many clients.

Company Experience

Computer Aide, Inc. provided consulting in business and academic environments on multiple platforms. Supplied project management, architecture design, project assurance and development. Furnished leadership and design for system analysis, integration and migration of new technologies, HIPAA compliance, data security and privacy as well as customized training and seminars.

Consulting was provided for various Fortune 500 Companies including: IBM, Lenovo, Merck, AT&T, Exxon-Mobil, Union Carbide, US Veteran's Administration, New York Stock Exchange, NYNEX (Verizon). Additionally the staff has worked with Hershey Corporation, Noble Energy, Children's National Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Activities also centered around Identity and Access Management (IAM) project management as well as special project work for a medical dot.com company.

Though the years, additional work involved architecture, design, and development on internal IBM applications and systems including corporate and federal security/privacy. Activities included project management and team management, business intelligence, data integration, trouble determination and problem resolution, performance evaluation and enhancement of internal applications.

Additionally, Computer Aide has produced a series of websites that have revolutionized New York State High School swimming and diving.

In the area of Business Process Automation, Computer Aide is determined to help corporations, large and small, make improvements to their business and allow technology to effectively reduce time, labor, costs, complexity and operational gaps for a company wanting to be more profitable and competitive in the 21st century.

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